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He was standing there quietly defining his unanswered question. 

No matter how much you plan your life, uncertain things and unplanned events are always the best one.



Nepal and out going culture. 

It has not been much since we Nepalese have adapted ‘outgoing culture’ as our lifestyle. Before, quality family time outside house was socially unaccepted, practiced only in urban and privileged to high-class people. Socially unaccepted in terms that nobody wanted their daughters and daughter-in-laws to be seen outside. These women had to mind their own business and stay at home. In such situation, quality time between husband and wife was farcry and  this was the case in most of the household. 

Call it a change in mindset or courage to break the stereotype or modernization, things have changed and such changes let optimistic people have faith in what they believe. ‘Out going culture‘ among Nepalese is one of the good things that has happened to us. It has opened so many possibilities not only socially but also economically. (We should not forget the negative consequences of such cultures.)

First and foremost, ‘out going culture’ has almost ended the ‘stay inside four-wall’ attitude among people which is a great step for our society. Now, female can walk around easily without the restriction to be around home sooner ,at some level. In today’s generation, such culture has brought companionship  in family. 

People have started going out for dinner, family picnic, movies, refreshment, family vacation, tour etc together. Work!! work!! work!! attitude in male has become Work!! Family!! Work!!. Quality time with the loved ones might have made working group efficient in their work. Working group , single or engaged , now have time to refresh and recharge themselves in the name of vacation. The typical Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law relationship is at verge of redefinition. For a society like Nepal, it is a great achievement and such change should be encouraged by all the people. 

I want to share a story. It’s been more than 5 years since I have been in Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal and a most developed city in Nepal. Of all the aww and wow places you have to visit in Kathmandu as a new comer , ‘Kathmandu Fun Park’ is one of such places. As I was new in town, I also insisted my near ones to visit that place. We visited that place and I had neither ‘aww’ nor ‘wow’ expression after visiting it. Poorly managed park with very disappointing environment. There were more couples dating than kids playing. My perception towards it was a ‘dating park’.  Aagin, I visited that place after 3 years. Scenario was similar , poorly managed and still a ‘dating park’ with more couples and comparatively fewer kids. 

I visited that place yesterday, after 2 years. Before,  I have heard that renovation work is going on there and I was surprised to see the craze there. Park was managed with lots of fun factors and new gaming platform. Park was literally ‘full’ of kids, parents, friends and obviously couples, everyone participating  and having good time there .

It was great to see that. People have actually started going out with family. The absence of family before might be due to the poor management and image of the park but that overwhelming view was not only because park has maintained itself but also people are spending quality time . More people were visiting places these days. 

I am not concluding this only in this base. Opening of restaurants in the town, refreshment houses, fun valleys, small parks, increasing domestic tourists, visiting of people in shopping stores etc. have shown sign that people are actually going out. 

With the trend of people enjoying outside, spending has also increased which is actually good for the country. Spending is what we need and what makes country keep moving. Government impose so many schemes to promote spending and we are already doing that. Argument might come that spending is not in right place and right form but something is better than nothing, least thing is that   people are spending. 

This is what I have to say today.  We are having some kind of change, lets promote that considering negative consequences . We, by ourselves,  should practice such encouraging culture. Small practices and efforts are steps for big change. 

We are changing and let this happen in smooth pace. Agression in the name of change is not good for anyone.  Things take time.  We have to be positive and supportive towards such events. 

Lets be good in what we are, lets be good in what we do and lets be rational in what we think.

Same Story

IMG_20170526_104005_597Boudha, a must visit place, is a stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Every evening , Buddhism followers visit this place and follow their daily rituals. Everyday they sit down and chant their sacred vow. Everyday is a same story for them.

Some visit this place to show their devotion, some visit to thank God for what they have got and some just pray to be out from the deprived situation they are in. Some people like me visit this place for peace. But every time they visit they have the same story to share.

No matter what, it( Boudha) has been one of the favourite places in Kathmandu and it will always be one and I will visit this place with my same story of peace.

God bless you.